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Steve & Lynn Thank you! Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and learn a little more about AHDAM Computer Tech. We offer 15 plus years of experience working with Computer Component Hardware acquisition, upgrades, diagnostics and repair of existing systems. Along with experience in Network Setup, Network Printing, Port forwarding for gaming, software and Web hosting. We strive to remain informed of industry trends and standards keeping our eyes on the big players and their developments, utilizing our experience to provide you with knowledgeable, valuable and timely advice and solutions.

We support Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems and a variety of hardware that make up the diverse array of these configurations.

If you have reviewed our site then you know, we truly wish to make your computing experience better.

(AHdahm) Form of Adam. Adam meaning "man", "man-kind", "humanity" or basically human.

Ahdam derived from AHdahm and a play on words.

If your computer is leaving you pulling your hair out or shaking your fists, you need -
      AHDAM Computer Tech.